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Long Haul Truck
Satellite tracking, dedicated drivers and well maintained equipment ensures your product will be delivered on time and cost effectively. Full load or less than truck load, please send us your requirements.
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Hello and welcome to Freight Xperts, your full service shipping provider!

We provide cost effective and efficient transportation of your products ranging from single pallets, to oversize mobileslotcash loads and everything in between.  Serving USA, Canada, Mexico and world wide.  Let us know what you need to move and we'll prepare a quote for you right away. With our years of experience and commitment to service we can save you money and get your shipment there on time!

Freight Xperts, we try harder!

For quotes, email or call us at 888 806 3202.

When you call Freight Xperts you won't talk to an automated phone system, you'll get one of our transportation specialists to assist you with whatever it is you need to get moving!

Freight Xperts Freight Xperts

Dial 888 806 3202 and we'll get to work for you right away!


Specialized & Heavy Haul
Heavy equipment, mill machinery, conveyor systems. Long, wide, high and heavy, we can help you get it moved safely and on time.
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Freight Train
Railroads are moving freight of all kinds across the country more efficiently than ever before.
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Cargo Plane
Airplanes are moving freight to and from every airport in the world. Allow us to help you find out how you can utilize air freight to get it there fast.
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Cargo Ship
Container loads and break bulk to any port around the globe. Cargo shipping can be cost effective and easier that you may think.
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